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Zapper and Datgirl join forces to bring Uplifting Dickumentary “$2 and a Bag of Dicks” to Hollywood



CONTACT: Datgirl at or on Instagram @datgirltv


Zapper and Datgirl join forces to bring Uplifting Dickumentary

“$2 and a Bag of Dicks” to Hollywood

Join us for a special internet screening of a music video that explores the power of just a little bit of money and a lot of dicks.

[Hollywood, CA, September 2017] – Zapper and Datgirl will be hosting a one-time screening of the dickumentary “$2 and a Bag of Dicks” at your Mom’s house on Saturday, from midnight till the cops show up.

“$2 and a Bag of Dicks” weaves together the stirring true stories of individuals who have overcome enormous obstacles, unselfishly given to the community and embraced their inner gangster because of their love of the dick. Through the deeply personal tales of world class dick patrons, connoisseurs, familials, fans, and associates, this dickumentary explores the power of spreading dick mythos and encourages viewers to find their own unique path to heroism once miraculously endowed with a sac of magic dicks.

View the music video at

Proceeds from the screening benefit the Interdicktional Fund at the Mission of St. Fryer’s Dick, which provides developing dicks a chance to rise despite impotent living conditions.

The video’s unique collection of stories include:

  • Dickie Dougford, a successful businessman who travels the country visiting parking garages dressed in a giant dick unitard.
  • Dick Cheney, the first dick to oversee two foreign dick skirmishes in the Middle East.
  • Dudley Dicksworth, a 98-year-old who enjoyed a day of dicking around in South Padre island for spring break.



The screening will be followed by a short Q&A and dickcussion with the actors, producer, and dickrector.

Tickets can be purchased at:

“At some point in our lives, every person wants to unleash the hidden dick within,” said executive producer Zapper Jones. “We all begin with the power to change the world. Along the way, many of us lose our faith in our natural virility to affect social change. ‘$2 and a Bag of Dicks’ is a return to our original hopes and dreams. Our goal is to inspire everyone on the planet who loves dicks to embody the spirit, engage with the world, and make a dickference.”

Download the full Press Kit for the music video, with images and dick clips at: or