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DATGIRL aka Serene Zloof is a music and video producer, performer, and writer, who Loves the intersection of Technology, Mythology & Philosophy — and her Superpower is World Building!

DATGIRL is the reigning queen of underground bass and pop, MCing vocals over her own beats, playing live sets and scratching her sounds with analogue hardware gear. Her lyrical mystique and zany wiles have made her a controversial voice with a distinct cult following. She has a background in performing arts, screenwriting and improvisational theater, studying at UC Berkeley, New College of California, NYU, the Actors Conservatory Theater, Lee Strasberg Institute, Writers Boot Camp, the Groundlings, and the Upright Citizens Brigade.

DATGIRL produces and edits her own music videos, and has written, performed and produced multi-character one woman electronic musicals, sketch comedy shows, and electronic hip-hop albums, and has been touring extensively after meeting partner and collaborator Zapper and joining him on the road to the adventures that have inspired their EDM webseries “HEADLINERS”, and their upcoming series “The Legend of Zapper and Datgirl” with a corresponding album “Heroes of a Thousand Dancefloors.”

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