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Serene Zloof aka Datgirl is a writer, producer, and actress as well as electronic music producer/MC, with a flair for sexy techie girl-powered dance music, character transformations, magical-surrealism, and rave culture satire.

Datgirl tours internationally as a DJ/live producer/MC, and writes and performs one-girl multi-character metaphysical comedy plays, hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as “hallucinatory, funny, and provocatively perceptive.” She loves bringing episodic comedy and electronic rap videos together -- writing, producing, editing, scoring and acting as many different characters in the new pop-culture music-festival comedy series “Pop&Spin”.

With bicoastal roots in San Francisco, NYC, and LA, Serene has been fortunate to study acting and screenwriting at prestigious institutions including the American Conservatory Theater, Lee Strasberg School of Acting, UC Berkeley, NYU, Writers Boot Camp, and the Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Second City. She is a Content Creator at “We Make Movies” Film Production Company, and identifies as an Iraqi American Jewish Buddhist Slut.

datgirl’s musical journey

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Where Underground Bass meets Pop, Datgirl is a unique beat producer and MC, playing 100% live sets and scratching her sounds from scratch with analogue hardware gear, to create her own brand of girl-powered lyrical electronic dance music. Her lyrical mystique and sexy zany wiles have been nothing short of cause for commotion. Playing a unique improvisational set solely on drum machines and synthesizers, DatGirl delivers a high-energy performance, with live vocals and her sonic laboratory of blinking toys, electronic eye-candy and tactile soundwave tools that engage a crowd into wild interaction.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue screenwriting and improv comedy, her vocal/electronic music “hobby” took on a life of its own.  She started MCing, DJing and producing electronic music in the glitch-hop/crunk/dubstep music scene in LA, and is known for being one of the few producers to play live with drum machines and synthesizers while incorporating her own live vocals into the set.

 Datgirl has created her own genre named Slutstep to represent a female oriented empowered, comically sweet, and bass-heavy sound with hopes to inspires girls to be producers and shakers and not just “The DJ’s Girlfriend”.  She strives to keep the element of live performing and musicianship strong in a music culture that is moving closer to computerized over-production.  

Slutstep was featured on the AOL/Spinner Listening Party for the week of March 6th, and AOL subsequently censored the title after Rush Limbaugh’s “Slutgate” happened the same week the album dropped. Released exclusively on Beatport, Slutstep made it up to #4 on the Glitch-hop album charts and stayed in the top 20 all month. The single “Dancefloor Talker” was #59 in the top 100 of Glitch-hop tracks in March 2012.



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PRESS QUOTES from DATGIRL’s Live Theatrical Antics. . . . .

 “Hallucinatory, Funny, and Provocatively Perceptive.” – Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

 “Tantalizing to watch. Her face and limbs seem to be made out of rubber. From the agility of her movements to her ear for different voices, this young Bay Area performer imbues each of the 19 characters she plays with focused energy and grace.”    -- Chloe Veltman, San Francisco Bay Guardian

 “ … An engaging, disciplined, and sexy performer.”   -- Michael Scott Moore, San Francisco Weekly

She has a keen eye for the absurdities of twenty-first century urban living -- a spirited and graceful performer, able to use vocal and physical tics to transform herself from one character to another even in mid-conversation.”

   -- Loren Noveck, NYC Reviews

 Other Producers, DJs, and Fans__________________________________________

 “ Datgirl’s set was wicked! Very inspiring, original, creative and full powered!”

 "Never before have I seen a chick rock a stage like Datgirl! Her socially unacceptable lyrics and lively delivery engage everyone in sight. Wanna see a show that doesn't make you feel like a freak? Or wanna see a show that makes you want to be a freak?? See Datgirl live!"

  "Datgirl rocked my ass OFFF... and Gave me the worst case of  BAAAASSSSSSSSSFACE!"

 “ Many try, none compare to Datgirl...”

 “Pretty much the best live act i've seen in forever.

 “Datgirl is a musical lyrical genius, inspires me to flaunt my shit and be proud of it.”

 "Zapper and Datgirl are like the Sonny and Cher of Electronic Music"

  "If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have ever started making music at all."

 “An AMAZING talent!”

  “Datgirl DESTROYED it at StillDream Festival -- she says what guys wish we could say but can’t … and she says it well.” 

“I’d go just to see DATTTTTTTTTTTGIRL!!!!!! She is one to reckoned with!”

“ EVERYONE LOVES DAT GIRL!”       < Redline DJs >


10 million kilowatts of badass sunshine in a lil biddy package! Look out for this one!”

 “Your beats make me hott gurrl  :) “

“Listening to that live version of Get Crunk just gave me a flashback to Reach For the Lasers...I think I'm peaking! Your beats are amazing DATGIRL!!!! “

 “SUCH A FUCKING ROCKSTAR! seriously super stuff.”

“Her set was so funky and fun, she lit up the whole place!”

RAVE FORUMS_________________________________________


 “Datgirl straight slaughtered The World Famous Lizard Lounge!!!

Can't wait for you to come back!”  < White Light Productions >

 “Datgirl was amazingly eclectic and visually pleasing with high energy. And remember even nice girls get naked sometimes!”

 “ Dat Girl is my favorite MC... her set was recorded so I'm just saying PLEASE UP THE LINK UP SOON!!”

 “ I straight LOVED Dat Girl, I felt like I was a concert - seriously. I've been walking around chanting "I'm an American Appeal model" randomly since Friday.”

 “ Datgirl is pretty much my hero.”

 “…Motivated me to look further into Live PA sets and the use of the vocoders and voice boxes they were doing was sick as hell. I’ve always been a true fan of manipulating ones voice live over anything as I think it shows the creative mind of the performer into whats actually going on in there brains while they perform. I would love to see more of her original talents coming over to the northeast..”

 “Sooo much more outgoing than any of the other DJs /producers we book, actually partyin and rockin it with da crowd the entire night. Seriously big ups, all our friends were blown away.”

“ Thank you datgirl for a badass show! I had never seen you before, wow, you are fucking hot and your set totally rocked. Your gear setup was the most impressive I've seen since, like, spacegirl way back when.”

 “Datgirl tore it up in Htown! I wanna be her Slut …”

“Year of da Slutstep!”