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Theater & Comedy

As a Writer and Comic, I LOVE creating incredible character
transformations live and raw . . . without the use of costumes or technology!

I write and perform One-Girl Theater Shows . . . where I play all the characters, sometimes up to twenty different people in one performance.

My characters talk back and forth to each other, and I change persona in mid-conversation.

I’m an Intergalactic Comic . . . I write magical-surrealism, metaphysical and techie satirical comedy about urban life blending with other dimensions β€” like Lily Tomlin performing Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman or episodes of Rick and Morty, backed with a live electronic hiphop musical score. πŸ’“πŸ–€πŸ’“ datgirl serene

"Manifest: The Battle of Intergalactic Farces" -- Three Scenes Part 2

"Manifest: The Battle of Intergalactic Farces" -- Three Scenes Part 1


Jesus Freaks

FUX News Report -- "New Music Video Destroying America"

"Adventures of GIRLcules" LIVE

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Manifest Live at the Open Space, Los Angeles