datgirl’s musical journey


­­gearhead goddess

­­Where Ancient meets Android. Where Sweet meets Sassyy. Where Chaos batt;es Order.

Here you will find the Lyrical Creations and Soundwave Manipulations of DATGIRL.

DATGIRL::: Live PA Bass Music Producer & MC -- Gearhead Soundcandy CyberSlut Vixxxen -- specializing in dancefloor wreckage with 100% True Live Bass-Shredding BeatFrenzied Madness, Robot Goddess Frequencies & GlitchBitch Vocals in a uniquely sweetly lyrical Glitch-Hop, Dubstep, Trap & Electro Live Production Performance designed to shake booties, melt faces, inspire giggles, and investigate mythos.

Where Undergound Bass meets Pop, DATGirl is a unique beat producer and MC, playing 100% live sets and scratching her sounds from scratch with analogue hardware gear. Her lyrical mystique and sexy zany wiles have been nothing short of cause for commotion, and her latest album release “LuvBug” brings a new sweetness to her bass music. 

With a background as a renowned writer/performer with a knack for incredible character transformations, DATGirl fuses music, comedy, and theater to create multimedia mythology and girl-powered lyrical electronic dance music. 


Playing a unique improvisational set solely on drum machines and synthesizers, DATGirl delivers a high-energy performance, with live vocals and her sonic laboratory of blinking toys, electronic eye-candy and tactile soundwave tools that engage a crowd into wild interaction.


An Iraqi-American-Jewish-Buddhist, DATGirl was born in New York and has spent her entire life moving between New York, LA, and San Francisco. Her bicoastal artistic roots have allowed her to study a variety of performance in all of these cities, including Method Acting, Dance, Screenwriting, and Improv comedy, at prestigious institutions including UC Berkeley, New York University, the American Conservatory Theater, Lee Strasberg School of Acting, Writers Boot Camp, The Groundlings, and Upright Citizens Brigade.


After moving to Los Angeles to pursue screenwriting and improv comedy, her vocal/electronic music “hobby” took on a life of its own.  She started MCing, DJing and producing electronic music in the glitch-hop/crunk/dubstep music scene in LA, and is known for being one of the few producers to play live with drum machines and synthesizers while incorporating her own live vocals into the set.



DATGirl has created her own genre named Slutstep to represent a female oriented empowered, comically sweet, and bass-heavy sound with hopes to inspires girls to be DJs and not just DJs girlfriends.  She strives to keep the element of live performing and musicianship strong in a music culture that is moving closer to computerized over-production.


DATGirl  is constantly touring and is currently working on two new EPs. Her new release "LuvBug" is currently being remixed by sixteen producers across the globe and will be released on Substruk Recordings. DATGirl also writes, produces and co-stars in the EDM Comedy show "Headliners", and will be filming a full season of episodes this summer and fall.

. Hats, claps, and smokin’ raps meet

whomp, wobble and pop in a fusion of trap, drumstep, and glitchhop that will melt

your face,

Slutstep (LP)


#4 on the Beatport

Glitch-Hop Charts in

March 2012


Featured on the


Listening Party Site

Created solely on hardware drum machines and synthesizers, from DATGirl’s signature Live PA glitchy-electro-dubstep sexy hilarious and edgy performances, her first album is a broad collection of a unique style designed to surprise. Slutstep ranges from bass-heavy sassiness to glitch-hop parodies to pop hooks to pretty frequency-rich melodies.


Slutstep was featured on the AOL/Spinner Listening Party for the week of March 6th, and AOL subsequently censored the title after Rush Limbaugh’s “Slutgate” happened the same week the album dropped. Released exclusively on Beatport, Slutstep made it up to #4 on the Glitch-hop album charts and stayed in the top 20 all month. The single “Dancefloor Talker” was #59 in the top 100 of Glitch-hop tracks in March 2012.


With tons of whomp ‘n wobble, bangin’ beats, and sparklin’ noises, DATGirl’s production has an up-and-coming freshness that adds a new flavor to the genres she inhabits. Tipper’s mastering brings out the rich dynamics of a new-found layering, as DATGirl’s raw underground spark is transformed to a pretty precision.


In Slutstep, DATGirl’s background as a character-based comedian comes to life musically, as her voice ranges from smokin’ hot to adorable to sonically soulful, giving the listener many fictional worlds to inhabit.


DATGirl’s hit single from Slutstep “Baby Got Bass” has a new music video directed by DomoAriFoto, on www.Youtube.com/DatgirlTV. Slutstep is available on Beatport, Itunes, Amazon, and many other sites and stores, or visit www.Slutstep.com.





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“ Datgirl’s set was wicked! Very inspiring, original, creative and full powered!”


"Never before have I seen a chick rock a stage like Datgirl! Her socially unacceptable lyrics and lively delivery engage everyone in sight. Wanna see a show that doesn't make you feel like a freak? Or wanna see a show that makes you want to be a freak?? See Datgirl live!"


 "Datgirl rocked my ass OFFF... and Gave me the worst case of  BAAAASSSSSSSSSFACE!"


“ Many try, none compare to Datgirl...”

I'll be honest... until earlier today... I didn't even know you existed. I was looking for some good music on some streaming service through WinAmp mobile (called spinner, I think)... Pretty much most of it was dated and... well it sucked... BUT THEN.... a ray of light... I seen your album cover... being into Dubstep... I decided to give it a try...


Was it what I expected? No...


Was it good music? you bet your @$$ it was...


I went to find your web page... and found your facebook instead (and subsequently your webpage)... So long story short (too late, right?) You made a couple of new fans today (my sister was listening too). Good on ya... keep making killer tunes... we're lovin it so far...



a.k.a. 3T



Totally luved ur show last night (i was the blonde who hugged u as u were walking thru the crowd if u recall). Believe I also saw u at the Ridgestock Afterparty at the Brass Rail,NC also a great sho. Do u llive here in NC now? Anyway, luv the energy and pace u sustain with awareness, for dancers especially - u never clear the floor with dead air . . .


Victoria ParksDatgirl Serene

Just woke up in my new slutstep shirt, mighty comfortable indeed! Thank you so much for everything last night! You guys had one of the finest and most exciting cd release parties I've ever been too! I'm always bless to be around your light, you are an uplifting joy in my life always. Soooo much love mama xoxoxoxox ♥




Let's get oozey! This time around BETA is pleased to offer you a truly unique experience as we welcome the wildest, wackiest, most gacktactinest duo rockin' live hardware on the scene right now... ZAPPER AND DATGIRL!


And what better way to frost this cake-o-madness than with his fiery female counterpart, DATGIRL?! Producer/liveset performer/MC = this lady is not to be f*cked with. Spitting live over a laptop-free hardware-crushing performance, each show offers an unpredictable interactive experience, so get ready to hit the dance floor hard through a barrage of glitchy-dubby-sexy-hippityhoppity beats and bass. And be ready for anything. We warned you.

“adorable that she calls her genre slutstep. It is unlike anything I have seen, a style and sound so unique”


‘…datgirl’s set blew my mind and is the reason I started the reason I started making music”


“I adore that you don't just stand in front of a laptop. Your performance was amazing at Whomp Whomp. If I ever need a pilot for my starcraft you'll be my first pick.”


"Ahoy there, caught your show in nevada city last week.. pretty much the best live act i've seen in forever.


“DATGirl is a musical lyrical genius, inspires me to flaunt my shit and be proud of it.”


 "You (Zapper) and Datgirl are like the Sonny and Cher of Electronic Music"


 "If it wasn't for u two we wouldn't have ever started making music at all."


“An AMAZING talent!”


“Pretty much the best live act i've seen in forever.”


 “Datgirl DESTROYED it at StillDream Festival -- she says what guys wish we could say but can’t … and she says it well.” 


“Datgirl ripped it so hard at the Lounge!” < novaTRON Lounge at Photosynthesis  >


“Should have heard that shit live...BAD ASS!”


“I’d go just to see DATTTTTTTTTTTGIRL!!!!!! She is one to reckoned with!”

“ EVERYONE LOVES DAT GIRL!”       < Redline DJs >



10 million kilowatts of badass sunshine in a lil biddy package! Look out for this one!”


“Your beats make me hott gurrl  :) “


“Listening to that live version of Get Crunk just gave me a flashback to Reach For the Lasers...I think I'm peaking! Your beats are amazing DATGIRL!!!! “


“SUCH A FUCKING ROCKSTAR! seriously super stuff.”


“You are star and I know your going to make it big – You’re the best at what you do.”

“You are a musical lyrical genius. You inspire me to flaunt my shit and be proud of it. My friend and I both agree in 2010 Men are the new Womyn for sure.!”


“Her set was so funky and fun, she lit up the whole place!”


RAVE FORUMS_________________________________________




“You straight slaughtered The World Famous Lizard Lounge!!!

Can't wait for you to come back!”  < White Light Productions >


“Datgirl was amazingly eclectic and visually pleasing with high energy.

And remember even nice girls get naked sometimes!”


“ Dat Girl is my favorite MC... her set was recorded so I'm just saying PLEASE UP THE LINK UP SOON!!”


“ I straight LOVED Dat Girl, I felt like I was a concert - seriously. I've been walking around chanting "I'm an American Appeal model" randomly since Friday.”


“ datgirl is pretty much my hero.”


“…Motivated me to look further into Live PA sets and the use of the vocoders and voice boxes they were doing was sick as hell. I’ve always been a true fan of manipulating ones voice live over anything as I think it shows the creative mind of the performer into whats actually going on in there brains while they perform.I would love to see more of your original talents coming over to the northeast..”


“We loved havin yall so much. You are sooo much more outgoing than any of the other DJs /producers we book, actually partyin and rockin it with da crowd the entire night. Seriously big ups, all our friends were blown away.”


“ Thank you datgirl for a badass show! I had never seen you before, wow, you are fucking hot and your set totally rocked. Your gear setup was the most impressive I've seen since, like, spacegirl way back when.”


“Datgirl tore it up in Htown! I wanna be her Slut …”


“2012 = year of da Slutstep!”