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Pop&Spin is a Festival-Fantasy Pop-Culture Bass-Musical Television Comedy Series.

Join us at the World Premiere Screening, at the WMMInternational Film Festival in Hollywood on July 13th, 2019 !


A Beat-Droppin’ Booty-Rockin’ Pill-Poppin’ DanceFloor-Talkin’ DJ-Stalkin’ Comedy Series!

JOIN US on  YOUTUBE  at Youtube.com/PopandSpinTV

JOIN US on YOUTUBE at Youtube.com/PopandSpinTV

Pop&Spin is a Comedy Series inspired by Festival Rave Culture!

Episodes feature a Sit-Com storyline based on the lives of real-world music producers DatGirl and Zapper,

Cut with Music Videos and Sketches . . . featuring Crazy for-Real Party People!

WORLD PREMIERE at the WMM International Film Festival on July 13th 2019 in Hollywood, California.


Join us at the Pop&Spin World Premiere at the WMM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Hollywood on July 13th, 2019 !

Pop&Spin TRAILER #2 . . . #BeeToo 🐝 🐝 🐝

When EDM DJ DatGirl lands a meeting with a booking agent, only to discover that she and her partner Zapper are too 'sex, drugs, and techno' for the healing transformational festival scene, they create their own transformational benefit to get famous...and also to...save the Bees? DatGirl and Zapper cross the lines of party politics and navigate through some hostile coconut-waters in this magically-real hilariously-hip candy-pop electronic music comedy series.

created & written by DatGirl aka Serene Zloof / produced and scored by Zapper & DatGirl, aka Zac Jones & Serene Zloof / directed by Curtis Bechdholt / cinematography by Sam Rosenthal / edited and visual fx by Serene Zloof.

featuring Serene Zloof, Zapper Jones, Madison Dylan, Roxanne Ferrara, Brendan Weinhold, Ryan Wink, Ramona DuBarry, Verena Puhm and Kinyumba Mutakabbir.

Vote NO on Jones ! #SaveTheBees 🐝 !

Pop&Spin TRAILER #1 🎧 🔥 🎬

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